My 3 Words for 2015

My 3 Words for 2015 - Since 2006, I’ve been inviting people to shift how they approach their year and how they frame their goals and intentions. I created the “My 3 Words” exercise because most resolutions aren’t especially helpful. We decide something vague like “I’ve gotta get in shape” or “I’ve gotta quit smoking” or “I need to make more money” but while these are all great goals, they’re not really useful as ways to guide our activities throughout the year. I thought that maybe we could come up with something better, something more useful, something that would work within our thought process daily and not just for the first seven or eight days of the new year.

What Goes Into Your Three Words?

The first point I’d like to make is that it rarely works for you if you create a phrase. “Do the work,” for instance, is a great thing to think about, but it kind of wastes two words. If you just wrote “work,” you’d still get the gist of the intention. That frees up two words for something else.

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Guidance for 2015

Chris Brogan This year, be willing to be even more true to who you are, and who you intend to be. Work from the core of your mission and permit no distractions.

Remember that your day is your week is your month is your year. Your success comes from each choice you make along the path. And it’s always your choice.

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Get Brave With Me

Brave New Year Are you ready to take on 2015? For the last few years, I’ve been running a course called Brave New Year, where we work together on growing out your confidence, your ability to execute, and much more. We’ve had hundreds of graduates from the Brave course, and they are one of my most active private communities, as well.

Join Me for Brave New Year

This is eight weeks of information sent via email (mostly text, but a few audio files as well), plus a secret private community. Every week, we talk about various aspects of how to help you improve your confidence, build your ability to move past your previous experiences, learn how to grant yourself the permission you’ll need to thrive, and how to execute and take action.

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Why You Won’t See a Happy Holidays EMAIL From Me

Gingerbread House Note, if you’re receiving this in your inbox, that means you’ve subscribed to the RSS-to-email feed for That doesn’t count. Now, my point.

The Least Read Email of the Year

I may be alone on this. You tell me. But the holidays email message is the least read email of the year. I haven’t read yours (from your corporation). I just don’t care. I don’t care about your skits. I don’t care about the pic with everyone in the Santa hats. It’s not personal. It’s the opposite of personal.

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Shine Your Own Bat Signal

Harold and Chris In Full Selfie Mode It’s our job to be storytellers of what we do for the world, and who we seek, and how we’ll help them. If you’re not taking your opportunity to help, to connect, to build the storyline that will guide people to understand what you have that can help them, you’re missing your chance.

Shine Your Own Bat Signal

Think of the immense opportunity. We used to have to beg or buy our way into the newspaper. Can you imagine doing that these days? And yet, when you’re given the chance to address the world, to tell an interesting story, to do anything that will build some connective tissue between you and the people you serve, what do you do?

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Best Apps and Software of 2014

Chris Brogan

If you know me, you know that this list won’t be your typical. I don’t care which software most people use. But I do have some thoughts on the matter as it applies to doing business. See, that’s always been the angle. I’m not into the tech. I’m into what the tech helps us DO. And to that end, I do have some opinions on what you should fire up on your phone and tablet and laptop and use more often.

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Become a Bigger You

Harvey MackayOn a recent trip to Las Vegas, I found myself observing many people who were dressed for their nights on the town as if they were starring in a movie or TV show about Vegas. They wore shiny faux-gold sunglasses at night (pretty sure they don’t do this at home). They left three or so buttons undone on their shirts (can you imagine that kind of look at your office?). They wore little black dresses and super high heels and they carried purses that glittered like warfare.

As judgmental as I like to be, I am enamored with the idea because in all cases, people were allowing themselves to play, to be a bigger version of themselves. And there’s something so hot about that.

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Brown Fur Sweaters and Why I Wasted Over a Decade Mourning My Childhood’s Holiday Rituals

Oh Christmas Tree It’s the strangest thing: I’m sitting on a plane bound for Las Vegas where I’ll attend the premiere of a documentary that I participated in, and I am doing what I do mostly: observing people and their decisions. An older woman in the seat in front of me is on her iPad and using the in-flight wifi, a marvel of technology that allows us nearly unfettered access to the universe while at 30,000 feet! And here’s what she’s doing.

She’s typed “brown fur sweater” into the search bar at .

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