How to Fail Your Way Out of a Hole – or What Separates Me From Most People

Jacq and Chris Jacq and I work well together. She has this uncanny ability to point me towards interesting things that end up being passions of mine. She decides to get back into lifting weights, and then I rush out and get fanatical about it. She decides to work promoting Visalus, and then I go nuts. Jacq’s given me lots of ideas over the past few years. In talking about this, we both realized there something that separates me from lots of other people. I love to fail.

How to Fail Your Way Out of a Hole

I should probably rephrase that. I don’t love to fail. Who does? Last place? Yay! No, not me. But, I’m not afraid of failing. Not at all. I just learn from every experience, and do more with it. As part of this, I started realizing that there’s a few differences between what I do with all this learning and failing.

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War is Work, Not Mystery

spartan shield When we get antsy, we stop what we’re doing. When we are unsure, we grind to a halt. In Steven Pressfield’s Gates of Fire, there’s a great speech given by King Leonidas to his generals before the night of The Battle of Thermopylae (the movie 300 also covers this, kind of). Here are just a few excerpts from the speech:

“Keep your men busy. If there is no work, make it up , for when soldiers have time to talk, their talk turns to fear. Action, on the other hand, produces the appetite for more action.”

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Why I Switched to Rainmaker


I recently moved to the Rainmaker platform, because I wanted to work more on my business, and less on the details of maintaining a website. In case you’re not aware, Rainmaker is a hosted WordPress solution with a very customized back-end so that everything is a lot simpler and cleaner and easier to understand. By “hosted,” I pay a monthly fee to run the site on Copyblogger Media’s servers, and for the platform and all the themes.

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Buy The Right Thing

Chris BroganIn case you don’t already get my podcast, I thought I’d stick a copy of it here to check out. I recorded a short little conversation about choices and price and value and how we sometimes make really silly choices that don’t make any sense whatsoever.

Also, in this recording, I mentioned a webinar I’m hosting. If that’s interesting, check it out. It will be the right thing.

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How Can I Focus Better?

Chris Brogan that big Freak The strangest of moments can bring you insights. I’ll tell you that for sure. Do you see the picture that accompanies this post? That was moments after winning a silly competition where I had to use a piece of uncooked spaghetti to spear six ziti noodles without using any hands. How did I accomplish this faster than my competitors? Well, that’s where the insight came in.

How Can I Focus Better?

In that moment, my brain-chatter was intense: “I don’t want to be here. Why did I say yes to this? This is stupid? I’m going to LOOK stupid. Wow, I’m very shaky. My eyesight is a bit off.” And so on. My mind was all over the place. Until I decided to own the situation.

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How Do You Grow Your Business?

Grow Your Business What we do mostly at Owner Media Group is provide solutions and guidance to help people grow their business in some form or fashion. Its a mix of professional, personal, and business development all mooshed together nicely into one package. When I ask people what kind of help they need, however, it’s interesting to hear where everyone is along the path. The solutions we’ve created, as it turns out, help out along a particular curve that wasn’t immediately obvious when we started.

How Do You Grow Your Business? – Starting Out

Before I get started, if you want our super secret Back to School code that turns any of these costs into 50% off, email me: chris @ ownermag. com , and say, “I want the code!”

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You’re Not Freaky Enough

Steve Gadling Jacq was watching a rerun of Shark Tank last night with her mom and she came across Steve Gadling, who pitched his business to the Shark Tank. What was he doing? Drawing cats. Not very well, mind you. And just with paper and a Sharpie. And he wanted ten thousand dollars. Part of his pitch was a little dance, and a “song.” Watch this video:

Can’t see the video? Click Here

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How Do I Reach My Audience?

Chris Brogan People ask me that often. “How do I reach my audience?” First, I tell them gently, it’s not your audience. Second, I tell them that reach is only part of it. Once they’ve seen you, they have to care enough that they’ll take a next step. From there, it only gets more difficult. But that’s okay. Challenge is good. Let me give you some thoughts.

Before You Try to “Reach Your Audience”

Let’s convert that to “reach out to people who might care” or just “reach out.” But before you want to do that, you’ll want your primary website, your place of conversion, to be ready to receive these people. Because reach, as it turns out, is an invitation. To reach is to extend your presence out such that someone else might choose to become aware.

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100 Blog Topics for Your Business

Digital business Mastery Seven years ago, I wrote a post entitled 100 blog topics I hope you write. A lot of them still hold up rather well. But I thought it might be fun to give you a NEW list of 100 blog topics to make your own. So if you’re looking for blog ideas, or just a whole new list of things to blog about, I’m hopeful this helps your writing.

Please feel free to share this list, but please link back to this page to do so. Thanks!

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