You’re Not Freaky Enough

Steve Gadling Jacq was watching a rerun of Shark Tank last night with her mom and she came across Steve Gadling, who pitched his business to the Shark Tank. What was he doing? Drawing cats. Not very well, mind you. And just with paper and a Sharpie. And he wanted ten thousand dollars. Part of his pitch was a little dance, and a “song.” Watch this video:

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How Do I Reach My Audience?

Chris Brogan People ask me that often. “How do I reach my audience?” First, I tell them gently, it’s not your audience. Second, I tell them that reach is only part of it. Once they’ve seen you, they have to care enough that they’ll take a next step. From there, it only gets more difficult. But that’s okay. Challenge is good. Let me give you some thoughts.

Before You Try to “Reach Your Audience”

Let’s convert that to “reach out to people who might care” or just “reach out.” But before you want to do that, you’ll want your primary website, your place of conversion, to be ready to receive these people. Because reach, as it turns out, is an invitation. To reach is to extend your presence out such that someone else might choose to become aware.

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100 Blog Topics for Your Business

Digital business Mastery Seven years ago, I wrote a post entitled 100 blog topics I hope you write. A lot of them still hold up rather well. But I thought it might be fun to give you a NEW list of 100 blog topics to make your own. So if you’re looking for blog ideas, or just a whole new list of things to blog about, I’m hopeful this helps your writing.

Please feel free to share this list, but please link back to this page to do so. Thanks!

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Once It All Aligns

Jacq and Chris I’ve been so very fortunate. On my radio show, I’ve had great guests who all operate at the top of their various games. Through my private coaching, I’m able to work with people who are on the verge of offering great value to the world they serve. And daily, I meet more and more people like you, all eager to do more, to be a better version of yourself.

Once It All Aligns

My newsletter on Sunday will be about what I’ve come to learn with regards to seeking out a clear and solid path to goals that drive my business to higher levels of success. There will be some solid takeaways for you to consider in there. If you don’t yet get my newsletter, this will be a good issue.

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Turning Off Comments and Why We Will All Be Okay

No Comment Today, I have decided to shut down the commenting feature on My reason is very basic: Since moving to a new platform, comment spam has fallen onto my site like a ton of bricks. And people are sending me lots of very polite and well-meaning emails telling me that my site is overrun with spam.

But that’s not the whole truth.

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Experimental Life

Half AgainOn the Owner’s Mind podcast, I ask a question or two about experimenting, and how I might better help you.

MOST of the time, I interview nice people, but this is something different. I’m sharing this here, so if you’re a blog subscriber but not a podcast subscriber, you can rectify that magically. :)

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Sponsored Posts Would Work Better If You Improved Context

Chris Brogan People are talking about how sponsored posts are showing up in their stream on places like Instagram these days. I saw one the other day for some TV show. It was a bit jarring, because I was pretty sure I wasn’t following Liev Schreiber. And that’s the thing. A sponsored post would work so much better if the people running the sponsored posts improved context.

Sponsored Posts Are Useful

I’m a fan of sponsored posts, but only if they match the intentions of the person creating them. For instance, later today, I’ll be launching a project with Jacq on BossFit about the Spartan Race. It’s paid content. It’s sponsored. And it’s on a site that’s dedicated to fitness and the business professional. It makes sense to be there.

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Evolution I started journaling in 1998. It wasn’t called blogging until much later. I had no business intent. I just wanted to share stories I’d written that the mainstream had no interest in publishing. Along the way, I learned a lot (mostly by failing and adjusting), and became a New York Times bestselling author who speaks to princesses and heads of huge companies like Disney (also in the princess business). How did I get here?

Evolution is a Matter of Perception, Growth, and Persistence

When I started, I wanted to share stories. Along the way, I got interested in other topics (self-improvement, media, marketing, health, etc). I changed my blog (eventually journals became blogs), but what I really was doing was the same: sharing what I observed and providing some kind of learning you could use for yourself.

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