Are You a Performance-Minded Professional?

The Owner's Path There’s a huge difference between people who show up for work and those who show up everywhere with the mindset to own everything. Some people are quite content with being average, with fitting in, and with doing the minimum to get through the day. Others approach every aspect of their life and their business with the mindset that they can improve their performance, and that they could do better, given the right tools, mindset, and the repeat opportunity to tackle challenges. Those people believe (as I do) that the time for average is over.

Performance-Based Thinking

In creating my most recent course, The Owner’s Path, I wanted to help people grow their success by working on their leadership and personal development efforts. The course seeks to help people:

  • Make better decisions faster.
  • Magnify your power by aligning your path.
  • Optimize performance.
  • Strengthen business relationships.
  • Eliminate distractions.

And most will get even more from it. In my reasoning, I thought about what most people had asked me for over the last several months. Because people rarely ask me any more whether they should be blogging (yes, you should) or whether they should be building out a newsletter list (yes, you should). They’re asking me how they can reach the next level.

That signals something to me, the language of which I was having trouble grasping. These people are all performance-minded. They want to up their game. They want to improve their performance and they’re willing to commit to the effort involved.

I’m Drawn to Performance-Minded People

Over the last several months, my podcast has featured more and more people who strive to improve their performance. Olympic athletes like Joe Jacobi and obstacle course race founders like Joe DeSena and even fierce writers like Steven Pressfield all have that one detail in common: they are driven to improve their performance.

The “good enough” crowd are lovely and I love to say hi to them at events, but if you ask me who I want to spend hours and hours with, it’s those people who want to grow their business and grow themselves at every turn. These people, oddly enough, are rarely self-centered. Every performance-minded professional I’ve met also has a strong appreciation and dedication to the service of others. It turns out that this is a core element of growth and mental toughness.

Are You Performance-Minded?

I figured out the other day that subscribers to my newsletters can take my new course, The Owner’s Path for as little as $46 a week (technically billed monthly, but that’s how it breaks down). That means, you could work with other performance-minded professionals and myself and learn all this great professional development stuff for the price of a mid-level dinner for one or a low-level dinner for three.

That’s the financial commitment. The time commitment is anywhere from 20 minutes to two hours a week. We spend more time than that on Game of Thrones and random web surfing.

So, now that I’ve removed most of the excuses as to what would keep you back (can’t afford it; no time), what other reasons do you have not to work on improving your performance?

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