Pick Up The Commitment Engine

John Jantsch Speaking

My friend, John Jantsch, has a new book out that I love called The Commitment Engine (affiliate link). I’m just about to launch a new podcast, and this serves as a kind of “preview” episode before the “official launch” of that. But this isn’t about me. This is about John.

Well, it’s also about me. He cross-interviews me from time to time, too. Why? Because we’ve done this a lot. What do two people sound like when they interview each other? Like a conversation. Only a little more intentional.

Listen in to this interview, mostly about The Commitment Engine, and a chat with the Duct Tape marketer himself, John Jantsch. Just click this link and it’ll open an M4A file (audio- should work for most of you). Or right-click it and you can save it for later. Low tech. : )

Make sure to check out The Commitment Engine. It’s a must-read book.

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