Plan for a Better 2011


I’m working with Julien on a new book. I’m working with Rob Hatch on a business plan that we can sustain and where we can succeed. I’m working with the team at CrossTech Ventures to build revenue and expansion models for our projects. You could say that planning is pretty heavy on my mind right now. Some thoughts you might take into your own 2011 planning:

Your Plan For 2011

  • Make a section that defines your roles (parent, employee, project lead, etc)
  • In that section, make a one-line description of the best possible outcome you’d want for that role for 2011 (Reach $50K in extra revenue on side project, etc)
  • Below, for each role, list out major initiatives by name, by target you wish to hit, and by a deadline.
  • Below that, for each major initiative, list out potential resources, possible problems, and next steps.
  • Write out more next actions, starting with what to do first for each one.
  • Throw everything else away but the bottom part of the list.

My point, said another way, is that you need goals and targets and plans, but you need to take actions more than anything else. Pick a direction, pick a goal to hit, and then work all the time on your actions.


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