Learn From Adele – Build Your Platform

Adele Waves

Jacq and I just watched Adele Live At The Royal Albert Hall (amazon affiliate link), and though every song was just wonderfully done, I found myself fascinated by what Adele was doing in between each song. Because even though most people would be interested in hearing her belt out her amazing repertoire of hits, what I took away from the performance was Adele’s real magical ability: the ability to resonate with her audience.

What Adele Could Teach You About Impact

I’m writing something about this right now for my upcoming book with Julien Smith, but I had to share some of the ideas with you, because it relates very well to another piece of the puzzle for my series about building your platform. So, what was it that I saw?

Adele knew how to relate to people on their level. She talked about what it’s like to go out with friends when you’re the sober one, and your drunk friends get you into trouble. She talked about how breakups can be such drama-filled experiences (after all, both her albums are odes to her exes). She talked about the excitement she felt for playing the Royal Albert Hall, and when she did this, she talked about it the way you would talk about it, if you were chatting with your friends. It felt real, and very very much like she just wanted to share everything about what she was feeling.

Some Practice for Resonating like Adele

  • When you address people in your writing, on stage, in a video or audio, never ever say “you guys.” Talk to one person: someone who matters a great deal to you, and who you’d like to share something important with at that moment.
  • Share your emotions. When you’re nervous, say so. When you’re excited, say so. Many emotions that we’re told to keep to ourselves make for a better connection that bridges the gap between people.
  • Find what will connect you to others. It’s almost always an oddity. I talk about my love of Batman, or I’ll mention something that happens to most of us that you thought had only happened to you. What does it do? It immediately brings us closer.

Always Treasure Your Opportunity

I’ve heard people say “my community” quite often and every time I hear it, I scrunch my face up and feel a bit sad. I’d much rather they say “the community I have the fortune to serve.” Why? Because we never own community. It’s a gift. And even if we are the supposed “leader” of such a tribe, it’s always clear and obvious that we are there in service of the people who have chosen to share their attention with us.

This starts no matter where you are in the world of platform building. If you have two people who think you’re worth their time, then humbly treasure their kindness. Learn always to heap the praise onto them. You will never win an award that wasn’t brought to you (even partially) by the people who give you their attention. Never ever let yourself feel it’s the other way around. You’re lucky to be part of their world, and you serve them.

Celebrate the Similarities

I think what got me so excited about Adele’s between-song performances was that she did such a great job of talking about the day to day that we all might have in common. Sure, very few of us have chauffeured limousines waiting for us outside our workplace, and that’s why Adele doesn’t talk as much about that part. Instead, she talks about what it’s like when you and your best friend have a falling out and how hard it is to rectify those issues, even though the original pains are probably long forgotten.

See how that works?

This is every bit as important to learn now, as you’re developing your platform, as at any other point in the journey. So, even if you’re not a fan of Adele’s music (I am!), I recommend checking out this performance, and seeing how she handles it. There’s a lot there. Rumor has it she’s done okay by herself, and I’m betting it’s not just her voice that got her there.

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