Please Don’t Retweet

Angry Birds vs Angry Cats

I’ve come to an opinion on something (and as with all opinions, it’s about as useful as sesame seeds on a bun):asking for a retweet or mention of something – that isn’t cause related – isn’t cool.

Here’s my thinking: if your idea isn’t strong enough to fly on its own, then why should you chum the waters asking for it to be shared?

Go right now and look at the results of this search. How many of these actually seem worthy? See what I’m smelling here?

Please Don’t ASK for Retweets

Again, unless it’s a cause, and then ask shamelessly and often for retweets or mentions, but otherwise? Let your work live or die on its own creative merits. It just doesn’t make sense to bother people to ask them to falsely spread information that wasn’t interesting to get there on its own.

But, I could be wrong.

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