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I recently launched a new radio show, The Human Business Way. Only, it’s a podcast, and not on terrestrial or satellite radio. Wait. Podcasting is back?podcasting is back again

First, I should be clear: for a lot of people, podcasting never left. There are plenty of people who have been running shows since 2005 or so and are still going. But for the most part, it fell out of most people’s attention for a reason. It was too difficult for people to subscribe. If I were to sketch the way I see how podcasting went (and this is very subjective, it went like this):

  • 2004 – Podcasting launches. People like Dave Winer and Adam Curry are part of the soup of founding it. (This single bullet point can start wars.)
  • 2005 – Apple releases iTunes. (Around here is when Julien Smith starts his podcast, as an interesting side note.)
  • 2006 – I start my first podcast, and then later that year, Christopher S Penn and I found PodCamp, which changes my life.
  • 2007 – It seems videoblogging gets really hot and podcasting is still going.
  • 2008 – Podcasting feels like it’s either going somewhere or going to die. The mainstream gets into it big time, but mostly as an archival method.
  • 2009 – It feels like podcasting dies for the general public. (Thousands of people will now chime in and say how they were still going strong.)
  • 2010 – Ho hum.
  • 2011 – Spark. A glimmer. People seem to be getting back into it.
  • 2012 – Holy cats. Several people (lots of them comics or funny types) somehow start making better careers through podcasting. (Kevin Smith, Adam Carolla, Kevin Pollak, Marc Maron, etc).
  • 2013 – I’ve got a hunch.

And like I’ve said, this is very subjective, but I’m seeing a lot of traffic and interaction and heat and positive vibes around people’s podcasts. It seems like what’s changed is that the technology to listen to podcasts has become simple, the ubiquity of high bandwidth service is part of this, and the fact that we almost all have smartphones that are built to catch podcasts is at the heart of this, too.

Are You Listening to Any Podcasts?

Okay, first, you might be watching some. There are some great video shows out there these days, produced with almost as much hubbub as mainstream television. Leo Laporte and his army at Twit TV never stopped when they got started years and years ago, and they just keep expanding. There are plenty of video shows out there.

But there’s one reason I asked whether you’re listening. I believe that the audio medium is still really powerful. I think it’s because of how intimate it can feel. I believe there’s really something to be said for this and that you might find some great success in considering an audio show. For one, they’re a lot easier to produce. For another, they are a medium that can be consumed in a lot more ways and places than your typical video show. Also, I believe that people who might not feel confident enough to do video feel just fine in audio, and thus, we get to hear from a more diverse collection of voices.

Are you listening to any podcasts? What tools are you using? Are you using the iTunes podcast app? I’m pretty fond of the Downcast App and Stitcher radio, myself. But also, as I found out when publishing my new podcast, there’s still quite an active base of people using the Blackberry podcast network as well as the Zune (which evidently you can’t link to anymore, but it’s really still there!).

I’d love to hear who you’re listening to, whether you’re thinking about podcasting yourself in the coming year, what you like and don’t like about podcasts, etc.

Want to See How I Make MY Podcast?

There are lots of ways to do podcasting. Because my show is quite often an interview show, here’s how I do what I do most days.

Can’t see the video? Click Here.

And if you want to subscribe to my show, you can listen here via the player or:
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