Poke the Box – Video Book Review

Bless Seth Godin. He’s just published the first book by the new Domino Project (which is his project with Amazon), Poke the Box (amazon affiliate link). It’s just over 70 pages, which is super short, but when you get into it, you’ll see why. The idea is punchy. It’s a fast read that you’re then meant to implement. It’s about GO. It’s about DO. It’s about working more than you’re just talking.

The ideas in the book are worth the purchase price. And, because it’s Domino, you can get it in hardcover or Kindle version rather easily.

Truth be told, this is a great GIFT book for people. Give this to the new startup person. Give this to the person who feels stuck at work. Give this to the person who feels like they wish they were doing more than just talking. It’s THAT book. Check out my little video about it:

If you want to get your box poked, check this out:

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