Pop Goes the Weasel

So last night, I’m working out with Kat. I am doing what’s called a split squat lunge. Do you know it? It’s when you take a really big step forward, then lower your butt until your back leg’s knee nearly touches the ground. They work your hip flexors, your quads, your glutes, and actually, pretty much every leg muscle you have.

During one, something went wrong.

I lowered my butt down, and then suddenly, the back leg, the one stretched out and bending towards the floor, something deep inside my upper thigh muscles went POP! I mean kapow loud like, like the granddaddy of all knuckle cracks.

And then, a fiery burning feeling deep in my right hip flexor.

Of course, I stopped what I was doing right away. I gave it all an assessment. It was feeling a bit hot, but not directly painful. I could put all my weight on it. I could move in all my typical ranges of motion. So, I stopped those exercises, but followed through with the rest of my workout program. Later, I went grocery shopping for some emergency items (diapers, yay!), and though I felt it, there wasn’t anything exceptionally horrible.

This morning, it is sore (and man, so are my ass muscles on that side, as if they did some kind of trauma save attempt), but not *horrible*. So, I guess I’ll skip running this morning, maybe throw a little more ice on it, and then see what happens.

Anyone ever have anything similar to this experience?


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