Put Away Your Shotguns

shotgun shells Marketers and PR humans: is it *really* working? Is shotgunning your target still giving you the results you need? Have you figured out that what works in one arena doesn’t work in another? I promise, this will only hurt a lot.

Stop. Shotgunning. Me.

“What set Brogan off?” I know you’re wondering. I’ll share.

I just got about 700 words or so from a company that will be exhibiting at a conference I’m attending next month. It was a big fat blurt. We do this. We’re awesome. People say this about us. You can do this, this, *and* this with our product. We’re offering a drawing.

I mean, this individual threw the entire marketing/PR clichebook into one email. Vast in its depth.

Thoughts for Improvement

I know there are two schools of thought in messaging media:

  1. Hit them with everything in one big fat email (as above).
  2. Go gently into a new relationship. See if I’m going to care.

I get that #2 takes a bit longer. I understand that. But if you’re going to reach out to the folks actively spending time in the social media space, you might learn how to get involved, build relationships, and market to us in a more personal style.

Read up a little bit about blogger relations. Learn from experts like Susan Getgood and Brian Solis and Lee Odden (and dozens more). Learn WHO you’re pitching, even just a little bit.

And please put down the shotguns.

Am I wrong?

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Photo credit, SC Fiasco

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