Rackspace Service Cannot Be Beat

rackspace logo You might or might not write something to the contrary in the comments, because maybe you’ve had different experiences, but I’ve gotta say, every experience I’ve had with Rackspace (affiliate link) has been amazing. (Quick disclosure: they host my site gratis – that has nothing to do with what I’m writing about here.)

I just tweeted a problem. Within three or so minutes, I had a DM on Twitter, a Text message, and someone already dug in deep enough to help me out.

The problem wasn’t theirs. It was a WordPress problem related to the weird hack I’m still seemingly suffering from. But they still helped me find the problem and correct in a few minutes.

The part I like the most: I’m a bit more tech savvy than the average user, and without even having to say this, they treat me FIRST like I know what I’m talking about, and then second like they’re willing to explain if they’ve shot past my ability.

Thanks, Rackspace Cloud, for hosting my site, but more so, for keeping customer service at its best.

For those evaluating a host, they cost a bit more than others, but if you want REAL service, it’s worth every penny.

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