Raising a Quick 500 for Cancer

charitybadge In just under two hours, we raised over $500 US for a cancer walk sponsorship for Susan. It was fun getting the word out via Twitter, and I’m SO very grateful to all the people who contributed to the cause. You might remember we sent a woman to college using Twitter for half of the fundraising. This was a similar mechanism. Basically, I tweeted, and asked people to retweet the request until we raised what I set out to raise.

WHY I Did It

Much as I support giving to cancer as a worthy thing, my main reason for getting people to give was more about showing others how they can use Twitter and other social platforms to support charitable causes. Is it sustainable? Not really. Is it the BEST way to raise tons of money for a cause? No.

Did it make a lot of people feel good about themselves for a cost of only $10 – 20 *and* support a worthy cause? Yes!

Don’t ask me to raise money for your cause. Use these tools and your networks and raise it yourself. That’s the major point. YOU can do this. There’s nothing that makes my request any better than anyone else’s. I just sent the request and asked others to spread it across their own networks. Ultimately, people give because it makes them feel better.

Go ahead, make some change in the world, and show them that things like Twitter are for much more than talking about being stuck in traffic.

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