Reasons to Work Remotely: a Rant

One great reason to work remotely is commuting. Do you really like commuting? Imagine how much more time you save NOT going in to the office and spending that same time actually DOING something.

Another reason to work remotely is that it’s technically POSSIBLE to do it these days. In fact, businesses are at a unique crossroads where it’s actually more cost effective to have a portion of the workforce doing their thing from home.

Another reason to work remotely:

The atmosphere of the average workplace is to productivity what flames painted on the side of a car are to speed.

Paul Graham, What Businesses Can Learn From Open Source.

Another reason to work remotely: the world is wired. We are all in one big network. There’s all kinds of precautions and protocols for being protected. Thus, if my primary blunt instrument of choice is a computer, I can use that computer ANYWHERE and connect to ANYONE whether they’re next to me or countries apart.

I’m working remotely 2 days a week at present. I will probably up this number by mid-year, once I get people more comfortable with the concept that content can be generated anywhere. (Mostly what I do is write/draw/learn/share.)

So, what would YOU add as good reasons to work remotely?

A few good books related to my rant:


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