Review Your Posts To Improve Your Blogging

spongebob guy If you start every blog post with a clean slate, with no sense of where you’re going and no sense of where you’ve been, you’re bound to repeat yourself, to get caught in ruts, to miss opportunities to diversify your content and be more helpful to others. Take a look back every now and again and see what you’ve blogged about lately. Here’s the thrust of my last 15 posts:

  • Software
  • Promotion for Thesis
  • Blogging Advice
  • Business Advice
  • Video Book Review
  • Social Media / Thinking
  • Video Product Review
  • Video Book Review
  • Promotion for Thesis
  • Pointer to AMEX Open Post
  • Blogging Advice
  • Self-Improvement
  • Promotion for Donald Miller Project
  • Learning Advice
  • Self-Improvement

So, I can see that i’ve done 7 promotions or reviews. 50% of what I’ve done in my last 15 posts wasn’t as instructional. The remaining posts were split between blogging/social media and business/self-improvement.

This gives me something to work from. Now, what shall I do with it?

If I were to keep an editorial calendar, where I keep track of what I want to write daily, I’d probably want to make the mix more like this: 4 business/self-improvement, 2 social media/marketing, 1 promotion – per week.

Now, that’s MY mix. That’s me talking about what works for my blog. I blog daily. You might not. My blog is built to educate and to provide some level of lead generation. Yours might have other purposes.

Where my blog is heading NEXT will be announced shortly (I’m just waiting on another project to complete). After that time, the mix I’ve shown above will change significantly, but I’ll also be expanding what I can do to be helpful to you.

But this is about you.

Try The Experiment

Look at your last 15 (or 30) posts. How do they break down? What did you discover? Feel free to share the results in the comments. I know I’d love to read what you’re doing with your platform.

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