Revisit Your Site Carefully

Yep, that’s my website. After complaining about someone else’s poor design, I decided to throw stones at myself and see what I’d find when I squinted at my own site. The results weren’t really pretty. With just a visual scan, I found all the above-mentioned issues:

What’s Wrong With My Site (my POV)

Quick note. I found the following in my Google Analytics: my bounce rate is exceptionally high, that people don’t spend a lot of time on site, and that they’re not clicking what I want.

  • My calls to action are too plentiful.
  • My subscription options are too plentiful.
  • I’ve given no real “path” for my posts and your learning.

In sum, it’s poorly designed from an information design perspective. Further, it’s not an especially good sales piece in that regard. Finally, it really needs some tuning up.

What My Site Should be Doing

The purpose of my site (for those who visit it directly) is to encourage new relationships and to convert people into either subscribers or buyers (of my services). I don’t think my site does an adequate job of the later, and could stand to do a better job of the former.

What Should I Do?

What I’ll plan to do is revisit the reasons for every piece of my site’s design.

  • I’m pleased with the thin header image, but might swipe out the graphic.

  • I think the pages I display at the top of the page make sense, but I might “highlight” the two that I mention in this image.
  • I will edit how I call for subscriptions, but will leave the email subscription prominently on top.
  • I might remove my newsletter subscription option from the top-left, and make that part of a subsequent page.

And You?

Now, with what I’ve covered above as a backdrop, what does YOUR site do, and how do you think it stands up when you squint at it? Feel free to leave a URL to your site in the comments section.

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