7 Sales Secrets From My Best Sales Day Ever

Big Day Yesterday was our biggest course sales day ever in the history of Human Business Works, but this isn’t a post where I boast (oh, I rhymed!). These are some thoughts that you can implement to seek the same success.

7 Sales Secrets For How To Sell Big While Still Loving Your Community

First, I created the product that (as it turns out) everyone wanted all along, Mastering the Digital Channel. That helps, I guess. Having a product or service that is useful and that people believe will benefit them. My original version of the same course wasn’t as good, and wasn’t as well explained. So, I trashed it and built something much better.

Second, I stopped trusting my beliefs and started trust metrics. (Rob Hatch is forcing this on me more and more.) As much as I like Twitter, it’s not selling for me. My newsletter (my pride and joy!) sells 10x more by volume than my entire social platform combined, even though it’s 10x smaller by subscriber count. (Just think about that a moment. Let it sink in.) Want to trust metrics? Read this and this by Christopher S. Penn for starters. Also, anything Tom Webster says.

Third, I built a great recipe for when and how to promote (which I’ll share with my newsletter subscribers not this week but next.

Fourth, I’ve come to realize that my job on every other platform, is to be helpful, and hope that people pay me back by getting my newsletter, where my helpfulness will often translate into eventual sales (when I create or source the product that helps them succeed).

Fifth, I’m very clear when I sell. In almost every correspondence where I’m going to sell to you, I put the absurd label in the subject line “Pitchy Pitch. Selly Sell.” It drives marketers nuts. They hate it. Derek Halpern thinks I’m completely crazy (and he’s right). And this won’t work for you verbatim, but the truth is this: I get LOTS of emails from people saying a variant of the following: “Thank you so much for telling me you’re going to sell to me. I can’t buy right now and I’m really sorry about that. So I’ll see you Sunday.” My magical experience here ties to the next one.

Sixth, I’ve made it really clear that if you don’t want to buy, you’re very welcome in the community and I’ll see you Sunday. It’s never about pressure. I’ll sell, and you don’t have to buy. Because pressure promotes impulse purchases, which prompts unsubscribes. If I’ve gone to all the trouble of having you join my super wonderful insider monchu family, I want you to stay.

Seventh, I ask my community to vouch for me often. When someone asks me whether the course is good or not, I say, “Don’t ask me. Ask @ajaxwoolley or @walterakana or @taniadakka. I usually just pick someone from the course to speak up. That way, it’s not my word. It’s the community who is actually in the class.

BONUS: In every instance of my sales efforts, people know that they can just hit reply and that I will talk with them personally. Me. Not Rob or Ron. Me. And they can ask me any questions or share their trepidation. I’ve hand-sold dozens of these courses. Why? Because I never ever want someone to feel that they are about to buy something that won’t help them. I told four people last night that this course wasn’t right for them. Oddly, two of them bought anyway.

Love your community. Yes, you need to cultivate a marketplace to own your business, but you cannot (CANNOT!) consider your community to be a blobbish list of data that you can beat until your cash register is topped off. It will only work once, and you’ll never be able to sustain it. Mentor and friend, Jeff Pulver told me, “You live or die by your database” and I took that deeply to heart.

Glad you’re here. Oh, and if you liked this?

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