Seek Frame Build Bridge – Explained

SeekInstead of resolutions, I write targets. Instead of mission statements, I write words that give me perspectives to move forward, regardless of the territory. Here’s what I mean by Seek, Frame, Build, Bridge.

Seek– Use my eyes and ears and senses to find new things, interesting things, trends. Look around at the world around me, and consider it from all kinds of angles. Collect in new, and be willing and open to find mysteries that I can solve later.

Frame– Take what I see and what I’m thinking and form it into ideas. Frame as in build a house. Frame as in make a mental position from which to view it. This one also reminds me to take apart the frames other people give to me. The Matrix (the first one) has a neat perspective on framing in the scene where Morpheus walks Neo down the streets of the Matrix for the first time since his awakening. Framing is the act of processing, of making sense.

Build– Build is where I take action. Building means in the sense of house-building, but also in the sense of momentum-building. It means building upon what I observe through seeking, and what I posit is the next step through framing. Building also means growing, in the sense of seeding a garden, tending it, watering it, and harvesting. Build also refers to physical fitness and health goals, financial goals, etc. It’s all related.

Bridge– Bridge is the verb of connecting. I am not strong if I develop only myself. I must bring what I learn and develop and discover outward into the greater community. Bridge also reminds me to make connections between people who could benefit from knowing each other. Bridge reminds me that everything that moves past framing into the building stage must be related enough to be of value. It’s fine to cast seeds to all parts of the garden, but if I’m looking for a bountiful table, I have to bridge together the fruits of my labor that make the most sense.

It’s perfectly fine if this makes no sense to you, nor has value to you. I’m blogging it to remind myself where I started the year. I will, however, mention that my last-year-effort of “Ask. Do. Share” got me a new job, and a whole new future. So, let’s see where this takes me this year.

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