Seek the Bigger Story or Tell a New One

I’ve been thinking a lot about lessons that I learned while reading Alan M. Webber’s Rules of Thumb. To me, it’s a book for the field. It’s a book that says, “You’re a leader, whether or not you’re the boss, and you’ve gotta get in there and make things better.” The book has 52 big ideas in it. That’s like… 47 more than Trust Agents. Webber has something there.

And I see the story as something more.

He has some other ideas up his sleeve, and I know he’ll come out with them some time soon. Alan blogs faithfully at the Rules of Thumb blog and I can see him trying on different ways to apply the book to ideas.

And that’s just it. I think that’s exactly the thing you should want to do with a great book. Take it, absorb it, make it your own, and then use it to tell your own story.

This is what you should do with ALL good products, but right now, I’m obsessing over Alan Webber’s book. Do you see it? If something really gets inside you, take it, make it your own, and then start telling new stories with the pieces.

You probably didn’t pick up Rules of Thumb the first time. But right now, swing by a bookstore or a library (I recommend a bookstore because I ripped this book to SHREDS when I read it, filled it with notes, and refuse to let it out of my sight), and get it. Give it some real time. Don’t just browse and walk off. It’s worth more than that.

And tell me what you get out of it.

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