Self Worth

Half Again When something stinky happens, it’s hard not to feel almost immediately that it’s because you’re somehow bad or not worthy or something like that. Maybe I should speak for myself. When something bad happens to me, I tend to think it’s because I’m not worth it. But I was thinking about something and then it dawned on me. The solution is built into the phrase.

It’s called SELF worth for a reason

When someone acts in a certain way, and we react in a way as if we feel devalued, for unknown reasons, I think we somehow make it about our self-worth. We’re not good enough. I’m not good enough. Clearly. Or else, it would’ve gone a different way.

But my value hasn’t changed because of how someone treated me. My value has stayed the same. They made a different choice. Not me.

Self worth is about the self. We mess this up all the time. We seek appreciation and validation from others. We seek the warmth and love of others and sometimes, we do that because we feel that that love will equal our worth in some way.

Businesses do this at times, too. They don’t act in a way that seems connected to the worth of their customer. But that doesn’t make the customer any less valuable. Coworkers can do this, sometimes even by mistake. Bosses can do it, sometimes without even thinking about it.

But it’s how WE react, and how we choose to respond and what we do that matters. Because it’s SELF worth. And no one else can put a price on that.

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