Selling Blog Content the Clean Way

gigaom briefings

I’m a fan of GigaOM and all the sites that Om Malik has put together (my favorite is Web Worker Daily). I like Om, himself, though we’ve only spoken twice briefly. But today, I finally noticed just how clever he’s getting.

At the end of this really great article about some of the future plans of Citrix, I noticed the links to purchase the full report via GigaOm Briefings.

How brilliant (and yet the old fashioned way) is that?

The blog post was great. I felt engaged. I read every word, and I got to the bottom feeling like I’d had a good read. Now, had I a business need to go further, I’d have definitely sprung to buy the full piece, because I got so much for free (and that’s the key point here= don’t give a dribbly sentence or three- give a whole tapas-sized meal), that I KNEW that the full article must be chock full of content.

How hard is it to make a post, and then make a LOT MORE for someone to buy and continue the experience?

I’m totally stealing this idea. You should consider it, too.

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