Seth Godin Said It Already

Seth and ChrisMy next book, The Freaks Shall Inherit the Earth says that weirdos and misfits are cool. Seth said We Are All Weird. I say that the personal business revolution is coming and that mass production isn’t a huge deal. Seth said Small Is the New Big. I say that it’s great to be an artist and creative type and that you’ll succeed that way. Seth said that the big lie that the artists all burn when they reach for the sun is The Icarus Deception. I know that your monchu is the most important part of your world. Seth says it’s all about Tribes.

Seth Godin has said it all. All of the things. Already.

And it’s okay.

One criticism of Trust Agents was that it was a bit like How to Win Friends and Influence People. I love that! Please, compare me to one of the most successful books of all time.

And maybe I’ve said it all already, too. Maybe you read a book by someone and think, “This sounds a bit like something Chris thinks.”

There’s a reason.

We are finding each other. Through all this mess ,we are finding each other. We are building this all together. We are crafting themes about our world that matter to us and we’re creating in and around each other.

On a recent James Altucher post, he was talking about how cool it was that The Beats had a “scene” and that they supported each other. I said I wish I had a scene. Clay Hebert said back that I already do have a scene. Clay’s right.

Seth Godin said it already. So did you. So did I. It’s not so much the echo chamber. It’s us creating the life and business we believe is true.

You should say it next.

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