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PAB 2008 One of the things people will get wrong when trying to determine how to make a more human-shaped web for their company is sharing. Sharing is something that was left out of the business books for the last forty or fifty years. Your company isn’t set up to share. It’s not in the genetics, and as such, the people responsible for figuring out how to collaborate and do something in this whole new web are going to run into a problem quickly.

We Share Everything

Why do these web tools make so much sense to digital natives? Because they have sharing built into the infrastructure. We use Flickr because it’s easy to share the photos. We use because it lets us share bookmarks easier. We’re blogging, podcasting, mashing up, remixing, sharing files, sharing everything because it’s easier.

Share Business

I won’t give the details but Shel Holtz has now twice shared with me business opportunities. He’s sent them through to me in such a way that the person contacting me makes me feel like Shel convinced him or her that I am the ultimate person ALIVE to do whatever they request of me.

Today’s request like that was to speak at a really great company. I couldn’t make the date, as I have a conference of my own during that time frame, so I did what Shel did. I shared. I passed the person on to a friend in Atlanta who would be able to do exactly what I would’ve done.

How This Will Work

I tell you this now so that it doesn’t shock you. I will be sharing the hell out of business in the coming years. Why? Because I can’t possibly fulfill all the really great opportunities I am given in a day, and I have lots of other obligations that keep me from it.

But I plan to share them with people who are capable, who can fulfill, who know more than just how to talk about how cool blogs are.

I’m doing this with CrossTech Media right now. I’m figuring out in the coming several weeks who out there should be helping guide the content for some of our upcoming events. If you’re into social media and marketing stuff, and you can get to Boston this October, this might be a really great trip for you. Come to the New Marketing Summit. Heck, use my VIP code to get $100 off (chrisvip). And if you think you are capable and interested in doing some of what I’m doing in some other hot city in the US (or in some cases, the world), reach out to me about that.

If you think you can make media like me, speak at conferences like me, talk about upcoming trends in a way that helps businesses understand what’s next like me, I want to talk with you about that for some potential future opportunities. This isn’t a “you can come and grow” type of opportunity, but if you’re reasonably figured out in what you know how to do, and if you have a decent body of work that I can find on the web, etc, we should talk.

Back to Sharing Overall

Sharing is a new business tool. And it’s not really obvious. You have to think about the ways you can share, the ways you can’t. You have to weigh whether you’re giving away the best part, or if there’s plenty to go around (so often, the answer is B).

This isn’t cumbaya. This is cultivating and growing capabilities, vetting the parts that we can manage, and building functional business exchanges that will allow us to support these companies that want to dive in, have heard “join the conversation” until they’re sick of it, and are eagerly awaiting the strategy, the pilot plan, and the “when does this look like business” part.

Are you sharing? Have you been sharing opportunities that you can’t service?

Are you READY to take on what others give you? Have you built your blog for business? Make sure you’re sharing, and make double sure that you’ve made your capabilities known loud and clear on your platforms.

This isn’t coming. It’s here, and if you’re not feeling it yet, there’s a reason. Get looking into that.

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