Shaving My Head for Charity

Before I Shave My Head Once, a while back, I said to a few people that if I got to #1 on the Advertising Age Power150, I’d shave my head in tribute to Seth Godin, a true mentor and leader in my space. I didn’t figure I’d ever get to one, and quite honestly, I think it’s a technological glitch. That said, Justin Levy is keeping me to my word.
UPDATE: I did it. Now will YOU do it?

My Bald Head

Live video of this will be here

I’ve decided to raise money to give kids laptops. I’m going to find the specific program, but why not do the raising first?

We’re in contact with various companies to see who wants to support the charity. But I’m asking you, too. Will you donate a little bit for this charity? The goal is to give underprivileged kids educational tools. I’ve already done a One Laptop Per Child drive. I wanted to do something different. Are you in?

Current Corporate Matching Sponsors

Citrix Online (who is also a client).
Radian6 (who is also a conference sponsor).
Crocs (thanks for 200 or so pairs of shoes!)

You? (This part will be updated).

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