Should Hotels Have Social Networks

hotel I think about this all the time. I want loosely joined social networks for those times when we’ve got an opportunity to meet like-minded people. When I visited the famous Nikko hotel in San Francisco a few months back, I saw all kinds of interesting people in the lobby. At conferences, I’m always wondering who from the event might be at the hotel where I’m staying. I think there’s something to it, but only if done right.

Ideas for a Hotel Social Network

Here are some ideas. Could you think on this too? What would you add?

  • Opt in. HAS to be opt-in.
  • Levels of privacy. Should have an anon email washer like Craigslist, but then options for “revealing” further info.
  • Monitoring. I suppose legal restrictions and good community would require someone to watch the community (which gave me a whole other idea for another post).
  • Some kind of questionnaire. I might want to be able to filter, like LinkedIn, the reasons why someone might want to reach me, and what I’m up for, or not.

Seems like a start. What else?

What Not to Do

I think there are some pitfalls to this, too. Lots of ways it could be implemented poorly.

  • Require hefty registration processes. Make it easier than that. Room #, email address (validated), and then profile info and options, only.
  • Advertising thinly would be okay, but too much wouldn’t work nicely. Besides, this should be a $5 addition to your bill, like a movie rental.
  • Push any kind of “singles” agenda. You don’t want to become the hookup hotel. Um, unless you do.
  • Allow 3rd party vending of that information. That’s just Beacon.

Some Cool Things

Okay, well I think they’re cool. What do you think?

  • Text messaging arbitrage to allow for temporary text access to other opted-in guests for the duration (meaning you don’t exchange cell numbers – like Twitter).
  • Potential for guest-organized collaboration. What if fourteen musicians found out they were staying in the same place? Jam session?
  • Green opportunities, like ride sharing and/or recreational meetups.

Crazy? Interesting? Can’t Work?

And if it’s all of that, or not all of that, or you think it’s interesting, why hasn’t someone done it?

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