Sponsored Post- Fellowes 79Ci Paper Shredder

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Fellowes for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

So, I’m not the type of person who thinks about a paper shredder. I’m not even really all that into worrying about my data. But, I actually do have a lot of documents that would be better served if they were shredded to bits. The folks at Fellowes sent me their latest Fellowes 79Ci shredder to check out, plus there’s a contest. (Want the rules and stuff for the contest? That’s here, but essentially, you have to leave a comment on this post. More on that in a moment.)

What I do know about shredders is that jamming is annoying. The Fellowes 79Ci had labels and stickers and box art that said 100% unjammable or something like that. From what I can tell, that’s pretty accurate. This thing can eat DVDs, stacks of paper, plastic bags, and whatever you stick in there. (I’m not going to tell you that I put food in it to see what would happen, but it wasn’t all that remarkable, nor was the diet Coke can that I didn’t put in there.) That part was easy.

In fact, there wasn’t anything I wanted to do with this shredder (legal or otherwise) that it couldn’t handle. If you are in the market for a shredder, and really, who isn’t? This is the device.

I couldn’t make the thing jam when I put a bunch of unwanted business cards in it. When I thought I really had the machine on the back ropes, it just reversed direction and spat things back out and asked me to put them back in nicely. Curse you, powerful Jam Proof machine.

Stuff They Said I Might Mention

I’m supposed to also talk about how quiet it is. It’s quiet. I haven’t owned a shredder in a while, but the last one was loud like a chainsaw. It’s got some kind of cross-shredding technology, which basically just means your brother can’t glue things back together once you put them in. It says something about being safe (SafeSense), but I didn’t test that feature because my show isn’t Jackass, so I didn’t want to push my tongue in there and check it out. I’ll take Fellowes’ word on that one.

A Video I Made

Honestly, I shot this video and this is the best thing. Watch this. Then buy one of these shredders. Really.

Can’t see the video? Click Here

The Contest

The contest rules are here, and then, just leave a comment letting us know what you’d be shredding if we (and by “we,” I mean other people who mail things) sent you the new Fellowes 79Ci shredder. This thing is boss. I’m not just saying that because they mailed me a shredder to cut up DVDs and soda cans. I’m saying this because you have a chance of shredding things up with your own 79Ci. I promise you this: if you get one, you’re going to totally love shredding things that need shredding, and then shredding things that shouldn’t be shredded. Again, Fellowes probably isn’t down with shredding weird things, but it’s like those old Ginsu knife commercials, or Will It Blend. Why not show off how badass your shredder is.

So, jump on this. Get some. It’s definitely worth it. Swing by Fellowes and look at their stuff, too.

You in?

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