Simple Touchpoints of Loyalty

Lollipop Boy It’s always in the details, the little things, those human moments. Always. Whenever we let those slip, that’s where we miss out further down the line. Think about sales transactions where you feel like the salesperson is treating you like a quota. Think about customer service moments when you know the person doesn’t care, doesn’t want to help, and is wasting your time and theirs. And now, think about the opposite: those moments when someone earns your respect from the simplest of moments, what I call a “touchpoint of loyalty.”

Offline, these come easily. You can turn to a coworker, look them in the eyes, and say, “Thank you. I appreciate your work.” You might tip your server 50% instead of 20%. In person, it’s easy. But how do we create simple touchpoints of loyalty online? Some thoughts.

9 Simple Touchpoints of Loyalty

  1. Comment on other people’s blogs as often as you can.
  2. Reply to people or help them spread the word on Twitter and/or Facebook.
  3. Write posts filled with admiration for people you enjoy online, and send links to their work.
  4. Connect people with like-minded people before they ask (using LinkedIn or similar).
  5. Wish people a happy birthday, or luck with their test, or other related-to-them encouragement.
  6. Share job opportunities. You never know who’s looking for more when you’re drowning in too much.
  7. Invite people to coffee. Just 20 minutes might really change someone’s day, week, month.
  8. Write recommendations on LinkedIn to those whose work you can vouch for. Do it before they ask.
  9. Send 10 emails a day to people you’re in danger of falling out of touch with, and make them simple and request-free.

You can probably think of many more. Maybe we should list them in the comments section? What do you have? What do you think about when you read this?

Do you see how this applies in personal life as well as business?

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