The Business of Simple

I read recently that the very simple act of walking barefoot on grass is a powerful and natural stress reliever. In the last year alone, the US paid over $42 million in losses related to stress and anxiety (lost time, medication, etc). It’s big business. And yet, taking off your shoes and putting your feet in the grass is one way to relieve stress (at least a little). 2013-06-16 15.00.25-1

All around us, the opportunity to ratchet up and feel a lot of stress and to try and overcomplicate everything abounds. At the moment I am typing this sentence, 325 NEW books on diet have been published over the last 30 days (and that’s only in the English language, that I searched). So well over 325 versions of what you should eat and how it will make you healthier and how wonderful your life will be. Our grandparents and great grandparents (most of them) did okay without diet books. They ate what they could afford. They did a lot of moving around. They didn’t need 325 new diet books.

The Business of Simple

The trick is this: simple has become a choice, and something you have to select over and over again. Simple is now yours to watch out for and care for, like a steward. You can buy the fancy bicycle, or you can buy the one that gets you there. You can use twelve different social networks for different purposes, or you can pick a few and work with those. All “things” answers have a simple and a complex option. Chipotle has about 16 options on their menu and can make thousands of variable combinations. Plenty of restaurants have pages and pages of options.

You don’t want to pay $9 for the hotel water bottle? Stop at the drug store and buy water there before going to your room. Simple. You don’t know how to keep up with MashableTechCrunchHackerNewsGawkerWhatever? Stop. I did. Years ago. Now, I just let you tell me if something’s interesting. Simple is my business. It’s a choice.

The Secret of Simple

Here’s the secret to most things we don’t know enough about: if we can, try it ourselves and learn something. If we can’t try without some base knowledge, learn from someone who knows. If we can’t do that, read something and try based on that. And so on. Guess what new books about lifting weights in them have that the old books don’t? New pictures. And some new names. Sometimes, a new line of thinking. And yet, the paleo diet (pretending we’re cavemen) and the CrossFit fitness craze (pretending we’re Olympic weightlifters) are mostly shiny reworks of older ideas.

Simple is often something we already know, but don’t trust ourselves to believe. (tweetable)

Speaking of Simple

This weekend, Sunday to be precise, I’ll share with you my simple approach on business and marketing. You’ll read it, nod perhaps, and agree that it’s simple, and yet, it’s likely something you’re not doing the way I’m doing it. I’d love for you to peek.

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