Simple Plans Executed Trump Complex Plans Still Planned

OM project plan in mind map

I love simple plans. Today, Rob and I were talking about our two big summer launches, and in so doing, we started with discussions about expectations of revenue, and then went into what was the brief thumbnail of the project. The graphic above (if you can’t see it, click here) is a simplified sketch of how that talk started. This next graphic is a sketch of another project:

SoSB project plan in mind map

In both cases, the idea of creating a simple plan is that Rob and I can start working on it at once. With this in place, we know that we have to get Anne to help us find some venues for our “Two Portlands” event. We know that Josh will probably have to create a logo/graphic set for the summer event series. We can start pushing these things together and start figuring out what the actual actionable tasks will be.

Simple is the Key

When most people try working on their business, they get overly complex. When I started New Marketing Labs (now part of the Pulse Network, we started by picking four services we’d offer. Why did we pick those? Was it some really huge market research that told me people wanted those services? No. We just launched what we thought we could fulfill and what we thought would make our clients money.

When starting Kitchen Table Companies, Joe Sorge and I had one set of ideas as to what was going to happen, and what turned out to be true was completely different. But because we had a simple plan, launched it, and then started working on what we could fix and adapt, we got to that point a lot faster.

What Are Your Plans Like?

How big are your plans? Are you writing 15,000 word reports, spending hours upon hours doing market research, or worse yet, stalling because you think you need all that to launch? How’s that working for you?

Do you have a system that helps you execute? Share with the gang here, okay?

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