Six Mobile Marketing Case Studies

Cell Phone Snap

On American Express OPEN Forum, I wrote about my friend, Tim Hayden, and his new 44 Doors company, which deals with the powerful world of mobile marketing. I teased Tim over beers that maybe I’d just zag left out of social media and join him in talking more and more about mobile marketing, which isn’t really my goal. However, when I went searching for a few mobile marketing case studies, I found a few things that I thought might be useful to you, so I thought I’d gather them up. Here are six smallish case studies that show you something interesting about mobile marketing. (Note: if YOU have written a useful mobile marketing case study, add a link to it in the comments, and then within 30 hours, I’ll approve it so people can follow along.)

Six Mobile Marketing Case Studies

Crocs Mobile Coupon Campaign
Big City Burritos builds a virtual database
TedxSMU iPhone App case study
Sara Lee’s State Fair Corn Dogs
Mobile Apps vs the Mobile Web
Jittergram for Short Code Deals

And hey, how about a bonus white paper? (This is a PDF file and no info is needed to download it. You can right-click it to save it).

Redifining Government Communication with 2D QR Codes

Interesting, eh?

There’s even more, but I’d say if you’re interested in doing more with mobile, check out 44 Doors. Tim and team might have a lot of help for you.

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