Skip1 and Simple Cause Giving

Skip1 Logo If you want to see a simple cause effort execution, check out The mission is simple: skip something and donate the money to the cause instead. So, forget that $35.00 lunch downtown and send it to feed an entire village. Easy, right?

The site, is set up to allow people to build a profile and do repeat giving. For those of you who like challenges and game mechanics, there’s a leaderboard to see where your skipping stacks up. (That might not be for everyone, but lots of people are motivated by competitions, so I can see it working for them.)

Founder Shelene Bryan and I met a few months back in Orange County, CA, at the Brandtailers event put on by Cheril Hendry (who is helping with Skip1 as well), and we had a great conversation about how the cause intends to move things forward. Instead of telling you, however, I thought I’d use their own video to show you. If you can’t see the video, click here.

Now, if that works for you, and if it makes sense, let’s do two things next.

  1. Go to, make an account, and skip something.
  2. Tell your friends on Twitter, Facebook, your blogs, wherever, and let’s really spread the cause out there.

Fair? Let’s skip something.

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