Snow Day

Snow Day

In school, we’d get snow days. As kids, this became the best treat in the world. You know what was at play? We’d discovered unaccounted for time. Somehow, we never realized the absolute value of time from this simplest of transactions. Years later, after the fog of adulthood set in, we forget the value of time, especially “found” time.

Yesterday, I recommended that you work while they chewed up days. A bunch of folks disagreed, complained that they needed their free time, that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. You’re absolutely right. You should enjoy time where you can.

But only if you realize that time is, in fact, much more valuable than money. I earn money on work days so that I can enjoy my snow days, my found time. I work hard so that I can shift time around to do my bidding. I spend money so that I can have more time (for instance, I have my laundry done by a wonderful person in town, because it frees me to do work of higher earning potential than the money I spend).

Look for snow days, friends. That’s where wealth really shows its face. Don’t you think?

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