Social Media as a Softening Agent

detergent This comment by Pete Steege of Seagate gave me a little burst of insight. Why not share it with you, I always say!

Pete said:

One can’t just throw social media into the marketing mix with superbowl ads and divvy it all up by ROI. It’s apples and oranges. But then again, it’s not. It’s all part of the total conversation.

So, what if some of what we’re doing with social media is just the softening agent before the tough wash? (Remember those in old commercials?) How does that change how we’re looking at it?

Think about it: if my client, Citrix Online, wants to spend on traditional magazine ads, and convert that way, it’s definitely part of the mix. Do I think that social elements might help warm people up, humanize the brand, do more around the core product? Absolutely.


What say you?

Photo credit, Clean Wal-Mart

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