Social Media in Pharma

I’m going to be speaking at an online event called Online Social Presence in the World of Pharma, at Pharma IQ’s upcoming “Social Media in Pharma Online Summit.” It’s an interesting experience, because I’m not directly in the industry, and I know that it’s a very rule-laden universe. So what I did was come up with some ideas that should work without upsetting any policies. I’ve got a few teaser videos that give some advice on this that I shot for them, as well. If you want to check out the videos, CLICK HERE to land on my site and watch them:

To me, the best opportunities lie in making the patient the hero of the story. Writing around the medicine and talking about what the person who needs that medicine will be facing is a powerful way to bring good information to bear and build a connect. There are lots of great examples of this already happening, as well as several wellness initiatives that I think bear talking about. I hope to give you lots to think about at this event.

For more information visit And quote ‘SMP-Brogan’ when registering to obtain a 25% discount”

I hope to see you there.

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