Social Media Projects You Could Start Today

Social Media 101If you’ve got the powers that be convinced that social media’s the set of tools you need, or if you’re the one making the decisions and you feel hooked, but don’t really know where to start, I’ve got a few ideas for you that might get you going down the right path. You might want to bookmark this one. I make that really easy with the “Share This” button at the bottom of the post.

Here are some ways you could get the ball rolling:

First, here’s what I’d do if I started today.

It might be helpful to consider setting up a simple presence framework.

If you need the larger picture, here’s some thoughts on how outposts improve your ecosystem.

Want some blogging advice? Here are 50 blog topics marketers could write for their companies.

Those are probably some good places to start. If you want something like this that’s a bit more portable, that’s why I wrote Social Media 101, a book that gives you these kinds of posts written down on paper (81 or so of those kinds of posts) such that you can hand it over to the folks who need to know. Click the photo if you want to learn more.

Or, just hang out with me here. I’m happy either way. : )

Social Media 101

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