Some Days It Looks Like I’m Not Working

frog on my head But I am. When I’m carrying on a few conversations in Twitter, I’m also working through business deliverables. When I’m posting links to things, that’s also work. When I’m commenting on blog posts, yep, that’s work, too.

No, I don’t have time to chat, even though my tweets seem conversational. No, I’m not able to take a quick phone call.

I’m multithreading. I know it looks like I’m just tweeting to tweet, or adding comments or facebooking or any of the other things we do in social media, but I’m also doing my job.

Tweeting is part of my job.

I’ll always connect when I’ve a moment. You’re just as important as ever.

Please just understand that work looks a lot different from my desk than yours some days.

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