Some Posts from the Blog Topics Community


For folks who contribute and participate in my Blog Topics community, I definitely encourage people to share what they’re creating. What’s fun about this is that you get to see the diversity in what people are creating. Here are some posts from people in the community:

A Kiss is What You Need

Keep The Light On

In Real Estate, It’s Not the Company You Keep

7 Super Useful Resources for Busy Business Owners

Is your website covered in digital dust?

Is Groupon Killing the Photography Industry?

Valentine’s Day and Guillotines

How Do I Measure My Blogs ROI – Blog Valuation vs Brand Valuation?

Keep Your B2B Web Content Current & Long Lasting

Justin Bieber: Internet Marketing Guru

What if “What Mattered Most” Didn’t?

Speading the Love

5 Things I Love About Today (Including YOU)

Prestidigitating Time

What we can learn from ‘everyone else.’

These are what people are doing with the stuff they’re learning from the Blog Topics prompts. I hope you find a few new favorite blogs to check out. I sure do, every week.


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