Spam is a Perception- Mine

spam I just unsubscribed to another six email marketing newsletters that I never subscribed to in the first place. Because I comment on a lot of marketing blogs, I seem to get signed up to a lot of their newsletters, without my consent and without my opting in. I’m not sure (I’d have to ask my personal email marketing pros, D.J. Waldow or Christopher S. Penn), but I’d imagine that’s illegal. And if it’s not, it just plain sucks.

I don’t get a break from spam on social sites. No, not at all. I got about 20 Direct Messages in Twitter this morning from some automation software site (I’m not giving them a link or any kind of love). I immediately set to unfollowing all the users who had used the service to stuff my direct message box full of useless messages. This, to me, is spam.

In Facebook, if I choose not to join your group or fan page, please stop sending it to me over and over again. It’s not that I didn’t see it. I wasn’t interested in joining. More than twice, to me, is spam.

Spam is a Perception- Mine

If you push unwanted messages into my face over and over again, you’re the enemy. And I don’t mean ME specifically, I mean people. I’m showing you the receiving end of what some of us call marketing.

Here’s how I delineate. (Feel free to send this to marketers everywhere)

You May Be Spamming Me If:

  • You’ve signed me up to your email newsletter when I didn’t sign myself up.
  • You’ve violated my Twitter inbox with your automated message.
  • You’ve invited me repeatedly to participate on your Facebook Fan Page or Group.
  • Your software automates repeat messages to my inbox with no options to throttle that.
  • You flood me with @replies on Twitter to your product/service.

I bet there are more we could add to this list, if we felt so inclined.

Want to share your spam stories?

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