My Speaking Plans for 2011

Chris Brogan

I’ve been a professional speaker since the latter part of 2006. I’ve had the good fortune of speaking all over the world, in places like New Zealand, Colombia, Sweden, Mexico, and many more. I’ve had the pleasure of addressing large corporate events as well as keynoting industry events. I’ve even made it a priority to get into communities that don’t always get the attention they deserve, as part of my view that the new media and the new marketing revolution won’t take place in New York or LA as much as it will in places seeking a rebirth.

In each venue, I spoke to the audience at hand about the issues that might impact their industry. I gave a unique presentation based on some of my main themes, but with details that related specifically to the industry at hand. Every time, it’s been a pleasure to help others figure out next steps based on what I know mixed with what they know.

In 2011, I’m cutting back my amount of time on the road. My family has been lovely at letting me get out there as often as I have been, but with new company obligations and with my family wanting me home a little more often, I’m going to pull back some of my availability on the road. Here’s how that will work.

Chris Brogan Speaking Availability for 2011

Every month, I will be available for a total of three (3) paid speaking engagements, and (1) industry event (meaning something that pertains to my industry – like BlogWorld Expo). Thus, if you’re holding an event in January, and you’re interested in getting me there, I currently have 2 slots left, as I’ve booked one already. These will be handled first-come, first serve. My fees aren’t very negotiable.

I’d love to see you at such and such an event. In 2011, I’ll be posting my events so that you know where we might be able to meet up. I’m not as likely going to be hitting many smaller events, as my time is very limited and I have commitments to my family and my new business. Just the same, I’ll do my best to see you when I’m near your city.

Book Chris Brogan to Speak

Simply fill out his contact form and we can start the ball rolling. If you need more information on my speaking, I have a whole page set up for you to review.


I’m grateful for every speaking opportunity I receive, and thrilled to meet and share with people wherever I travel. I’m happy to get the chance to see you and give you good ideas. Let’s see what comes of it in 2011.

Thank you!

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