Sponsored Posts Would Work Better If You Improved Context

Chris Brogan People are talking about how sponsored posts are showing up in their stream on places like Instagram these days. I saw one the other day for some TV show. It was a bit jarring, because I was pretty sure I wasn’t following Liev Schreiber. And that’s the thing. A sponsored post would work so much better if the people running the sponsored posts improved context.

Sponsored Posts Are Useful

I’m a fan of sponsored posts, but only if they match the intentions of the person creating them. For instance, later today, I’ll be launching a project with Jacq on BossFit about the Spartan Race. It’s paid content. It’s sponsored. And it’s on a site that’s dedicated to fitness and the business professional. It makes sense to be there.

What I don’t love is when an ad of any kind (but definitely these in-stream sponsored ads are kind of the worst) has no real tie to the stream or location where it’s placed. A long while ago, I had an ad partner for this site. I was happy with the deal until I started noticing what kinds of ads they put in place when no “real” ads were running (Snickers, teenage girl bras). That wasn’t useful.

Serve The Community

I LOVE making business happen. I love making money. When I work with a company for sponsorship, it’s from someone who aligns with my goals to help you. I’m on a fitness kick, so I promote Skora running shoes. I work with to promote a health challenge. When I share things here, there’s a good reason and that reason is, it fits you. :)

That, in my not at all humble opinion, is how you do it. Serve a bigger story.

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