Spread Your Wings- Get More Retweet Action Today

birds Twitter offers a great way to get your information spread far and wide: the retweet. Simply, if you say something interesting or useful on Twitter, other users re-post the information, giving the original poster credit for the information. Some users are well known for their ability to find good information and share it. I’m thinking of @mayhemstudios and @ed, for instance. But it’s not just having good information that gets you retweeted. There are things to consider. Here are some ideas.

Making Re-Tweet Ready Posts

  • Make sure your post info has room for your original info plus a retweet. If your original post is close to 140 characters, the person retweeting has to edit your post to send it back out. Smells like work? People won’t make extra effort to retweet you if they have to edit your posts.
  • Make sure you use URL shorteners like bit.ly or is.gd or ow.ly (there are dozens) to get back more of your real estate.
  • If you’re going to tweet a URL, give folks a sense of what they’re clicking into. For instance, I use (video) or (youtube) when pointing to a YouTube video. And make sure you use (NSFW) on things that are Not Safe For Work.
  • The more helpful or entertaining your tweet, the more likely people will take an action.
  • The more jumbled with @ names and multiple urls and hashtags your tweet is, the less likely it will be retweeted.
  • People will gladly retweet causes (unless you fatigue us).
  • Starting a tweet with an @ means that a good chunk of folks won’t see it.

That’s a pretty good start to getting your re-tweet on. But you know what? There’s more.

And Now, the Bonus Round

  • Retweet other people and promote other people 15x to every 1 time of your effort.
  • Don’t tweet every damned thing you write about or do. Folks will fatigue quickly.
  • Befriend and add value to the best retweeters. It’s a live network, a human network, a give-and-take relationship.

That’s it. That’s how I do it.

What about you? How are you getting it done?

Photo credit Mike Baird

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