Stacking Wood


I’ve never owned a wood stove, so the only chopping I’ve done at a wood pile has been at my discretion. I love the feeling of an axe in my hand, and the beauty of splitting wood to be used for a fire. But that’s an illusion. I love it for an afternoon of entertainment. If my home were heated by wood, I would probably come to loathe it, would want to offload the chore onto someone who needed the money, so that I could free myself to do something more “important.”

There are many wood-stacking chores in our lives, and they’re every bit as important to the continued warmth of our “hearth.”

Prospecting For New Customers

There’s a rule of thirds that most small business people have heard, but only a few actively practice: spend 1/3 your time prospecting for new customers, 1/3 executing on whatever it is you do, and 1/3 supporting your existing customers. Most of us fall into the 2nd and 3rd parts of the equation, but we shut off the first the moment we feel busy. Of course, there’s a problem with that. In the wood stacking analogy, we’ve split and stacked all the wood we need for our fire, but we’re no longer venturing out into the countryside to chop down new trees for fuel. It works the same way in business. No fuel, no fire.

Marketing is at the heart of that prospecting, that tree-chopping. If we’re not out there seeking new customers, then we’re at jeopardy of not having people to serve. But this is only one way to look at the analogy.

Stacking Wood: A List

  • Blogging is stacking wood. More content means more readers, more search terms, more opportunities to sell.
  • Email marketing is stacking wood. Reaching out to people with useful information that maintains your relationship lures in more sales.
  • Connecting on LinkedIn is stacking wood. The larger your network, the more potential you have to help others, or find help for yourself.
  • Getting coffee with a friend is stacking wood. I owe Jon Swanson another long phone call soon.
  • Reading is stacking wood. The more I learn, the more I can improve on my execution and my abilities.
  • Fitness and nutrition are stacking wood. The more fuel you have in your body for the fire, the better your chances at success become.

You could add to this list, couldn’t you?

And how are you doing at stacking wood these days? Are you preparing and doing the chores that keep the fire tended? Or are you burning and enjoying the warmth?

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