Strength Twice, and a Decision

I did strength training at the gym at lunch, and again this evening with Katrina. I did different things at the different parts of the day, so as not to put too much extra stress on any particular body parts. I’m feeling good, except for my glutes, which man… MAN! How can your ass muscles hurt so much?

I’ve decided to run a marathon in November. It’s a trail run, which is the first draw. Second, it’s a combo event with a 50-miler and a marathon, so I’ve actually got 13 hours to finish, if need be. Finally, I plugged in Hal Higdon’s novice training schedule for a marathon and I can knock that all out with two weeks to spare before this event. So, it seems like the right time to move towards that.

My other reason is that I don’t give a rat’s ass about the time, and I’d rather get the distance. If I were worried about finishing it in under 4 hours or something, that’d be a different race entirely. But not me. I’m shooting for whatever. The course record for the marathon is 3 hours, something. That’ll give you a sense of it, eh?

So yeah. Go me.


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