Summer Diet

San Diego

In the US and north of the Equator, we’re heading into summer. My daughter, age 10, sighed into the phone yesterday morning, “Dad, can you believe I won’t have school for three MONTHS? I told her that maybe this was the start of many adventures, and a great way to mark off some new projects to undertake. And then later, I realized that this was good advice to me. So, I thought I’d share a “summer diet” of sorts for you to think about, as well.

A Summer Diet

  • I will consume only two types of books this summer: those that enhance my business capabilities, and those that thrill me personally.

  • I will only read the blogs of a few friends, unless someone I trust sends me something I “must” see.
  • I will allow 3o minutes for email a day, and 30 minutes for social networking a day. Period.
  • I will produce 3 blog posts a week, 1 newsletter a week, 1 audio post (minimum) a week, and 1 video show a week (minimum).
  • I will complete and make available one new content project a week.
  • I will not do interviews or guest media for the rest of the summer (except what I’ve already accepted).
  • I will launch my next conference event.
  • I will revitalize the strategies of several new clients and previous clients.
  • I will free up at least two hours a day all summer long to act on my life goals and interests.
  • I will set and attain measurable business goals for every week of the summer.
  • I will enter the ocean or a lake once a week (at minimum). It’s summer!

The point in writing all this down is so that you might stir your own thoughts up and think, “What might I do over the next few months that jars me to think differently? How might I revisit my business? How can I not squander time, but still value and acknowledge the change of season? And finally, it’s a way of pointing out (to myself) where I might be wasting my time, and writing the potential positive version of that perspective into a list.

And You?

What might you add or subtract this summer? What business or personal interests will you change up? And if you’re heading into winter, what mental differences do you think exist between what I’ve written and how you’re perceiving the next few months?

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