Superheroes and Teams

Superhero2 Last night, I started trying out this: “my goal in 2007 is to grow superheroes and build teams.” It relates to my un-keynote from the first PodCamp, about the fact that we’re all superheroes. That with new media tools, there’s a leveling that permits the “common” person a chance to rise above their status and connect with other people who matter to them.

It also builds off my premise starting in May of 2006 that content networks are the new blogs. Abstract that one layer, and I believe that people banded together are more powerful than multiple armies of one. Besides, “the Gathering” is already happening without you, especially in this new media space.

PodTech and PodShow and Abbey and even Blip, Veoh, Revver are all gathering people to their flags. Standalone talents are suddenly getting meetings with all kinds of people in this space. But even if you’re not a blogger, podcaster, Internet TV star, or podsafe rockstar, the advice still holds: finding a team of like-minded superheroes makes everything easier. (Ask the Justice League).

So what if we made THAT the focus of the catalyst work we do?

The mission is to build up your own superpowers and the powers of others, and then form teams around the projects and problems that exist out there. If you’re in new media, that problem is finding a way to pay the bills and still create. If you’re in other fields, it might be bringing about change that the traditional system doesn’t permit.

Anyhow, that’s what I’m trying out. I’m putting on my “grow superheroes and build teams” glasses to look at the world while I’m in New York for the next few days and see what I think. What do YOU think?

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