Supply Stores I Need Right Now

pirate supply store At 826 Valencia, one can buy pirate supplies, such as eyepatches, “Scurvy Begone” and more. I talk about it with Whitney Hoffman from time to time, and she bought me a shirt there as one of my birthday gifts (thanks, Whit!)

Today, I realize that I need a few different supply stores, and I think some of you are the right people to start the stores I need. Thus, here are the ideas. Please run with them, start the stores, build your business, and I’ll either be a patron, or I’ll buy you.

Supply Stores I Need

Ears and Minds– I need a shop full of people who use tools like Radian6, Scout Labs, Techrigy, Crimson Hexagon, and the others, and are completely amazing at what they do. This is a shop full of researchers who I can point and shoot on projects that deal with corporations and brands, where you’ll do all the setup, the thinking, the extrapolation, and the collation, and deliver actionable information on a regular basis.

Storyteller Farm – You sell content marketing packages, where you have a stable of amazing blog editors who can then find the right group of blogging talent per each specific project (you have to hire differently for each project), and then the editors guide these people along to create quality content.

Stat Hunters – When I come in, you have a sense of what I want already, but you ask me questions until you’re sure. I’m looking for a comprehensive collection of metric data per specific strategy need. I need more than pageviews, inbound links, and comments. I need all the various moving dynamics. You might use tools like Ripple6 or Brickfish to wrap around my content, but you also know how to find the other good stuff where it is.

Promotion Swarm & Co. – You know how to promote (without being that guy). You know how to rally a bunch of people and get them moving in the right direction to bring awareness that converts. (Oh yes, that last part is the tricky one. Who cares if people know about something. Does it convert?) I can do this kind of work myself, but boy, it’d sure be fun to have some hands out there ready to jump on when needed.

The Thing Is

As a bunch of you read this, you’ll think something like this: “I can do that. I’m exactly what Chris needs.” You’ll then email me and offer your services.

But that’s not what I need. I don’t need YOU. I need a STORE made up of people like you.

I need an organization who has put together their processes, who has it down to a jam band level of quality. I need execution teams who don’t want to charge people just to tell them they have to join the conversation. I don’t need someone to provide the vision while someone else does all the work. I don’t need willing hands to train.

I need supply stores. Armies. I need pirates who come complete with their own sailing ship, crew, and battle tactics.

And when I say this, I mean that these are businesses solo players could pull together that would help businesses. Because those are some of the things businesses need from us (by us, in this case, I mean folks mucking around with social software and making strategies into actionable business).

But is that how you’re thinking about it?

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