Tell Your Story Your Way

I’m writing a business plan.

The exercise is interesting because, as it turns out, there’s practically an industry around business plan writing. I found the folks at Nolo to have some nice advice. I even got How To Write A Business Plan out of my local library to really get into it.

And then, a really smart woman told me not to worry about form and format, and worry instead about getting all the right information into the plan.

That’s when I realized I am really just telling another story.

Tell Your Story

People can understand details, instructions, facts, and statistics. They remember stories. How did I begin this post? I told you the story of what I was doing. First, I started by writing a plan, and then I realized it was complicated, because there were so many books, but finally, a wise woman told me to change my path, and then I found happiness.

That is a story.

Tell Your Story Your Way

I’m not only talking about business plans. I’m talking about presentations, meetings, coversations with coworkers, lovers, your children. All of humanity is a conversation. Some of it is just beautiful noise, but what remains are stories.

When you meet friends you’ve not seen in a while, you share stories. When you talk across a table between two businesses, wary of each other, you tell the story of why the other should trust you. It is a confidence story. When I write to you via this medium, I am telling you a story, a story of yet another thing I’m doing to try and improve myself. The goal of my story is to share my learning, and hopefully inspire you to move your own story forward with what I’ve told you.

The purpose of my listing my contact info, allowing comments, adding a discussion forum, giving you my AIM ID, is for you and me to have a story together, a conversation, the motion of words to form shapes in our thoughts.

Your Way

This is your life. At one end, you were born. Time is passing, and then at the other end, you will die. There will only be one writing, but with any luck, your life will have many tellings. Your loved ones, your family, your children, and perhaps a world will know your story and tell it. What story is it? And how do you go about writing it in such a way that it can reach out and touch someone else? Because stories are like plants: they need to breathe, to be fed with sunlight and water, so that they grow and nourish the things and people around them.

Tell your story your way.

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