The Angry Camp’s Guide to Style

Angry Camp I am fascinated by Angry Camp Tracy’s Basement. It’s a little event that just happened, and that somehow slipped right past might radar. What I like about it is how the Twitter users who participated all changed their avatar to reflect the site design for the event. The result was visually obvious on Twitter.

Participants in ACTB as it was called (and they used the #actb hash tag in their tweets) stood out. I saw two of them at different times in my stream (of over 30,000 people) and that drew my eye. Then, I researched. Then, I felt sad I didn’t attend. (Can’t attend everything.)

If you plan events of any kind, what a wild and powerful thing they did here, just by joining together and making a very visible statement of their participation in the event. Hats off, ACTB-ers. And more power to people who figure out just how easy it is to make a loosely-joined conference with very minimal planning, provided everyone pitches in.

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