The Beauty and Problems of New Presentations

I’m watching myself present at the Inbound Marketing Summit from a few weeks back in Boston. This was a brand new presentation called “From Cowpaths to Mastodons,” and what I’m loving about it is that I made the presentation kind of out of nowhere and gave it instead of the original planned speech. I love that I can work on the fly.

What I dislike about this is that it’s my first go at it. I see EVERY flaw I made in my performance while watching the video. Here, you watch for a bit.

It’s technically okay that I’m all over the place, and that I’m staring at my slides a lot, and that my delivery isn’t crisp… YET.

What comes next is working on the presentation, deciding what parts make sense, removing parts that don’t, etc. What’s interesting is seeing some of the new things I tried (there were three new things), and deciding if I liked them or not.

I had a little alternate reality game going on (I guess you could call it that) where I asked a few “agents” in the room to say “Hey!” if I put my hands up and “Yes!” if I pumped my fist. It was for a test of something, and was interesting. It dealt with repetition, but also dealt with making a point about being first to the presentation.

It’s interesting to think about this, to watch myself, to be critical. The presentations I give businesses are a bit different, a bit more focused, but what I’m learning at conferences I’m applying to my business work.

Are you working on your presentations? Your daily life ones? Your blog ones? Are you learning how to move audiences, and how to bring points across in different ways?

What do you see in your own work? What do you see in mine?

Want to see me present again? I was given another handful of 50% off codes for New Marketing Summit in a few weeks in Massachusetts. Just email me: cbrogan at , and if I’ve not run out, I’ll share these last few. Oh, and you can see about another 30 people speak there, too.

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