The Big Push

Trust Agents This will probably be the most self-promoting post I’ve ever written. Skip it, if you want. I’d understand.

The time has come. I have a favor to ask. If you’re interested in our book, if you support all that I’ve given you over the past several years, if you want to buy a friend (or an entire small village) a gift, I’d like to request that you buy Trust Agents from your favorite online source. This request itself is a social media experiment in trust (or I’m just asking you to buy books).

My Request to You

Over the years, I’ve done what I can to be helpful to as many people as humanly possible, without ever asking for much in return. It’s the right way to do it. But now, I’m asking for your support.

If you can buy a copy of Trust Agents (or if you’re an institution, feel free to buy in bulk at a discount), we’d appreciate the heck out of that. (We = me and Julien).

Here’s the exact needle we have to move: 768. We need 768 more sales between now and Saturday night. That’s a lot of books, but I’m only asking you to buy one. (Well, if you’re a company, I’m asking you to buy hundreds.)

Now, if that didn’t move you (and I hope that it did), I have an offer for some of my business friends and organizations:

Special Offer

I’ll limit this to five total offers and you’ll have to show a screen cap of the confirmed order to prove it: If you purchase 200 copies of Trust Agents, I’ll fly out and spend a half day with your organization for free. I’ll let you know right now that my consulting rate is far more than the price of 200 books, so it’s a pretty darned good deal, so this might be the chance for a two-fer. You can give your group some books, and you can get specific consultation about how your organization can use online tools to be human at a distance and deliver business value.

How Else to Help

Times are tough. We know. You might not be able to pick up a copy right now. If you believe there’s value in what we’ve written, and if you know a few folks who might want more information about the book, I’m asking you to encourage your audience to check it out. I’ve thought of three ways to do it:

1.) Tweet a link to (this shows where to buy the book)
2.) Write a blog post and link to (maybe explaining why you think the book would appeal to your audience.
3.) Or send us well wishes.

In all cases, this is the only time that I’ll make such a blatant and self-serving request in this way. I’ll promote the book over the next several months, but will keep that down to a gentle background hum. This one’s the biggie, friends. I want very much to have a chance at success with this book, and you are my key to that. ALL the credit I’ve saved up with you over the years, I’m asking for a little loan of your trust and support today.

Can you help?

If you walk into bookstores in the next week, please ask if they have a copy of Trust Agents by Brogan and Smith. It’ll give them the sense that people will want it. And hey, buy someone else’s awesome book. I review new ones every week. : )

Consider pre-ordering Trust Agents and supporting Chris and Julien Smith:

Trust Agents

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Trust Agents

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And truly, as always, thanks. Thank you for everything. Thank you even if you don’t buy a single book. I’m just glad you’re part of the story.

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